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Preschool Math Concepts

I’m confident that early conversations concerning Math lead to deeper understanding with Mathematical concepts. It’s appropriate to say to a 3-year-old “How many cookies do you have”? (considering the number is less than five). While making sandwiches, I might say. “I am making three sandwiches”. Another thing a parent might say, “If I have three… Continue reading Preschool Math Concepts


Multiples Intelligences / What Kind of Learner are you?

Learning styles vary from person to person. There is no cookie cutter way to teach nor is there to learning. Because a student does not measure up to a standardized test does not necessarily mean they are not learning. Standardized test are paper & pencil; much different from what this highly graphic generation is accustomed… Continue reading Multiples Intelligences / What Kind of Learner are you?