Who am I ?

I am I. Monae. I use the blog ParentTConference in order to connect with the world. I have a few objectives with this blog.

#1 To Build a bridge between parent and teacher with practical information from the teacher’s perspective.

#2 To equip my readers with practical parenting advice. *Here are a few tips that may help you help your child. (book recommendations, Math activities, building strong readers, any general questions)

#3 To bring a greater understanding to the field of education to the general public *What really goes on in the life of  a teacher?

#4 I’d like to publish my learning content in Arabic and English.

I’d like to grow my blog community /brand by giving practical advice. I’d like to connect with dad groups, parenting groups, PTA groups and new teachers.

In the next year, I hope to see a significant growth in my blogger community, have published my first ebook thus well on my way to building my brand.

I’d also like to make a few blogger friends because as of now; I don’t have any.

Untitled design (1)@ParentTeacherC

Thanks For Reading,

I. Monae

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