Parenting Manifesto

I often self-reflect while driving. My 40 minute commute to work, gives me much opportunity to think. Today, I thought about the core values in which, I used while raising my son. I wanted to instill in my son a sense of independence, authenticity and a love for learning (just a few of the values, I had in mind while raising my child).  Today my son in a young adult. Thus, seeing the values I instilled in him as a child, carry on in his adult life, often warms my heart.

With that being said, I must emphasize the importance of a Parenting Manifesto. What are your core values as a parent?What values would you like to guide your parenting? As an adult, what values do you want your child to practice, now and in adulthood? What would you like for your parenting to exemplify?

In my years as an educator. I find commonalities in parents, as well as, commonalities in the areas in which I’d like to see more of. To clarify, a Parenting Manifesto could only add to your parenting. It will plainly state what you believe and how you plan to shape your decisions. It would give you, also, your family a roadmap of your household’s core values.

What are your core parenting values? Whatever they may be, take a moment to write them down. Then, share the Parenting Manifesto with your child. I also, recommend this activity as a P.T.O. organization, in which all the parents take the same period of time, in order to write their individual Parenting Manifesto.Your Parenting Manifesto will not be the same as your best friend or your neighbor and that’s, just fine.

I will include a copy of Brene Brown’s Parenting Manifesto, yet, don’t feel compelled to use as many words in your Parenting Manifesto. The important thing is not the length of the Manifesto but, the passion you invest in writing it.

Place the Parenting Manifesto on your refrigerator or any central location of your home. Edit it as needed. Discuss the Parenting Manifesto with your child/ren. Use it as a guiding tool for your parenting. Most of all, enjoy writing it.

I find Brene Brown to be a great inspiration; please click the link to find out more.



Thanks For Reading,

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