3 Things I Need From Parents

I feel like a broken record but, I can’t emphasize enough how important these 3 things are in your child being best prepared for learning.


Please be sure your child is getting enough sleep at night. While my son was in elementary school (Kinder-3rd grade, at least) his bedtime was 8:00 / 8:30 p.m. There will always be exceptions; I get it. Some nights basketball practice is late in the evening. Please continue with the extracurricular activities. Just be sure after practice bed time is scheduled into the nightly routine. I sincerely believe younger children require more sleep. But, just because a little one wants to stay up past his bedtime doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do.

child sleeping 2


Minimize processed food and sugar. @justcookforkids has a wealth of information concerning healthy cooking for children. It was once difficult for me to believe, that foods prepared with fresh ingredients really do taste much better. I buy fresh garlic, cilantro, and a host of other great produce weekly. I look for ways to use them. One example, if I am making scrambled eggs, I often put chopped garlic & spinach in the skillet before the eggs.

fruits and veggies

Many things have hidden sugars which affect a child’s ability to focus in school. Be aware of all the hidden sugar in pre-packaged items. I am not asking for a major overhaul, in one week, just baby steps. Implement one new healthy strategy each each week, or with each trip to the grocery store. Things can only improve for the better. An ounce of prevention……


Discuss the importance of education often with your child. Make it clear that the number 1 goal in school is to learn. With that being said, socializing must come second. I had a parent to send a letter to me, her question was: why can’t my child sit next to his favorite friend in class? My reply: they don’t get anything accomplished — they spend all their time chatting about non-school-related issues. There is a time for socialization there is also, a time to focus. To everything, there is a season. This message is best heard by your child when it starts at home. When I, as teacher am simply repeating what you already told them; it goes over much better.

child in class

Basically, once these 3 things are done the remainder of things go much more smoothly.

Thanks for Reading,

I. Monae

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