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Educational Expectations

I remember as a child wondering what my mother was going to say about a certain grade of mine in school. As a parent myself, I tried to very clear with my child concerning my expectations for him as a student. I made it very clear to him that his job was to go to school, study hard, and earn good grades.

Parental expectations are important in a child. Decide what is is you would like for your child to know concerning your views on education. Be fair, consistent, & realistic with this message. I want to take the guess work out of this situation for your child. I want him/her to know exactly what is expected. Also, let them know they are not in it alone. I have a cousin who is a math wiz and when my son had a math question that I couldn’t explain, I took him to her house.

Read together, and enjoy books as a family. Make education a central theme in your home. Make it evident that you want a positive relationship with the teachers that your child will be able to maximize the benefits.

Just a little Something,
I. Monae

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