Unknown Teacher Stress

While the majority of the population thinks an educator’s day is an easy day filled with giving out stickers the reality of the career is quite different. Each school comes with it’s own climate. To put it mildly, some schools are happier places than others. The happiest schools usually have fair, competent, emotionally intelligent staff. When entering a school, I try to pick up on the warmth of the building noting rather the students and teachers are smiling. With school admin beware of the fake smiles also  the cookie cutter answers.

Educators have to keep parents, students, and administration smiling that can be a complicated balance. Besides the face that children do better when given a regular routine; there is a daily schedule that most teacher’s are required to follow. In a typical day many things can go on in a classroom that are unplanned. Depending on the administration things like not following the schedule (even though there are17 or more students) can be used against a teacher. Unfortunately, women can hold grudges also they are prone to making power plays. On far too many occasions principals have favorites & the favorites are usually the ones who do the most brown nosing. Often, promotions are not given to the ones most deserving but to the ones whom lack authenticity.

In a regular day, I need to decide how to make the district mandated objectives exciting for my students while on a shoestring budget. Parents assume we have all the resources we need yet in many cases this is simply not true. Teachers spend countless hours laminating, cutting, copying and purchasing resources. Sometimes the money is reimbursed sometimes it isn’t. I have to closely monitor my words actions and deeds because anything I say can taken the wrong way.

The stress of an average teacher vary depending on district, admin, level of support, opinion admin has of employee (which isn’t always correct), parental support and various other factors.

Thanks for Reading,

I. Monae

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