Best Interest of the Child

Unfortunately, in the last decade is has become popular to dehumanize educators. Somehow, we are blamed for many of the downfalls in our society. It’s easy to use us as scapegoat. The truth is, our morality as a nation has loosened over time. What was once taboo is now popular perhaps even trendy.

I come to parents in peace; I ask that you all also come to us (teachers) in peace. Believe it or not I want the best for your child. Please refrain from speaking negatively about educators in the presence of our students. We have someone priceless in common your child. Let’s work together to ensure that your child recieves the best education possible. Not every teacher is perfect, neither is every parent. If you look for the good in me; I promise to look for the good in you.

Personal issues that parents have yet to resolve come through in the behavior of their children. To raise a healthy highly functioning adult, it would help that you as parent are emotionally stable, secure within yourself, have a high degree of self-esteem, also self-awareness then pass those characteristics on to your child. Do what you need to do as parent to work on your own unresolved emotional issues that you don’t pass poor behavior patterns onto your children.

A child is the sum total of the adults in his or her life. Spread as much peace in the life of that child as you can. One important element is the relationship you have with your child’s teacher. I can honestly say, I give more to those parents whom come to me in peace. I give to all of my students equally because they are children. With the parents of my students, I give even more customer service to the ones whom approach me respectfully. My sincere hope is that teachers get the respect that is due. Let’s change that one relationship at a time. It’s truly in the best interest of the child.

Thanks for Reading,

I. Monae

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