Show the Teacher Some Gratitude

As an educator my time is precious. Each minute of my day is preplanned with little room for error. Finding 5 minutes to make a copy may seem easy to some, but for a teacher that 5 minutes is difficult to find. While at work, I devote 100% of my time and energy to my students. There are the things the district requires me to teach also if any of my students have special interest. I support them with in their special interest. Finding time for a restroom break is strategic; teachers can’t “go” whenever the urge comes along.

I give a lot of my time, energy, and personal money for the success of my students. Last year, I paid for a video subscription  that my students would have an entertaining video to go along with the objectives required by the district. I also am on a first name basis with the local copy shop team because I visited it often. I never asked for the school to reimburse me for any of the cost. Honestly, I worked in an extremely stressful environment last year. I am more than happy that my transfer was granted. This year my school is a much better fit for my personality. Last year, I didn’t bother with the chore of asking for the reimbursement because at the end of the day it would have made a difficult situation even more hectic. My students benefited from both the copies and videos thus I am satisfied.

I said all that to say, the average sacrifice of a teacher is more than the general public realizes. Society thinks that teacher bashing is cool when we are on the front lines giving our all. I use my own kitchen products, time & effort in order to make play dough once a month. I ask friend to send my favorite food coloring for the play dough because where I live my favorite brand is not sold. The world knows I will never become a  financial wealthy individual based on my teaching salary alone.

What I’d like is more appreciation from parents and administration. Oddly enough, this year I work for an incredible grateful admin team, in my experiences in my career an appreciative admin team has been extremely rare.

I urge parents to find ways to show gratitude with the teachers of their children. Can you as parent make the class play dough? A parent once came in and organized my school closet that was extremely helpful. I keep my thankful notes from parents they are  special to me. My students are usually very good at showing gratitude. My students know how much I invest in them. The gratitude from my students gives me more of a reason to get up everyday.

Thanks for Reading,

I. Monae

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