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Behavior Note to Parents

As an educator, I hesitate each time I send a note concerning student misbehavior. I am not sure what happen to society as a whole. But the current trend is to become angry with the teacher concerning any notice of your child not following school rules.

As a child, I was questioned, warned and punished if my teacher spoke to my parents concerning my own misbehavior. Now, as a teacher (all too often) I am questioned, warned, and punished if I mention the misbehavior of one of my students to their parents. What message does this send to the child that is misbehaving?

My professional observation should be valued; I simply report the behavior that I observe.

If your child is not following school rules. I suggest you discuss this infraction with your child first and not the teacher. The primary reason for coming to school is to learn. If this message is giving to children from their parents this would eleiviate lots of misbehavior. A direct and clear message must go out to children that school is for learning thus socializing comes second to learning. I as the teacher would love to tell your child to do something one time and not constantly remind them of school rules.

If your child knows that a note concerning his/her misbehavior in school will result in you “the parent” becoming angry with school personal there is little encouragement for him/her to follow the school rules.

Children who break school rules and disrespect authority become adult who disrespect authority. That behavior does not lead to being a model citizen. Parents please model appropriate behavior around your children. If you question the teacher never do so in the presence of your child. Don’t undermine the authority of anyone who spends 6-8 hours with your child for 5 days per week.

We as a society must return to a time when the teacher’s word was respected and not scrutinized.

Thanks for Reading,

I. Monae

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