Multiples Intelligences / What Kind of Learner are you?

Learning styles vary from person to person. There is no cookie cutter way to teach nor is there to learning. Because a student does not measure up to a standardized test does not necessarily mean they are not learning. Standardized test are paper & pencil; much different from what this highly graphic generation is accustomed to. More than likely we will not fit into one box of intelligences. More often than not; we fall into various categories. I retain information better if someone draws a picture or any illustration. I find it hard to remember new information based solely on listening. While teaching I make an effort to teach to multiple learning styles. Viewing any visual aid helps to make the learning process easier for some learners, such as myself. I not only speak to my students concerning new information; I follow the same information up with a video or song whenever possible. YouTube has an array of learning videos on a large variety of subjects.

Give students opportunities to write or draw & put into their own words whatever taught during the lesson. I also give time for that information to be written or illustrated even if only 2-3 minutes following a video. Showing the video 2-3 times also allows for students to illustrate during the video. I find & excellent resources. This way I reach multiple learning styles increasing the retention rate.

What are the types of learners:

Visual (spatial): Prefer using pictures and images etc to assist in understanding. Use illustrations, color and other visual media in order to help them learn.

Auditory: Prefer using music and sound use sound, rhyme, & music in learning Use sound recording to provide background and help with visualizations

Verbal: Prefer using words both speech & writing Use techniques that involve speaking & writing Record scripts using a tape and digital audio

Physical (Kinesthetic): Prefer using your body, hands, and the sense of touch Focus on the sensation you would expect in each lesson learned Keep in mind that drawings & diagrams are also physical activities

Solitary (Intrapersonal): You prefer to work or study alone Align your goals and objectives with personal beliefs When you associate and visualize incorporate what you will be feeling at that time

Social (Interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people Aim to work with others in a study group either in person or virtually Role-playing is a technique that words well Work on some of your visualizations with other people

Logical: You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems Aim to understand the reasons behind your content and skills (they seek to serve you) Create and use lists with key points

One small example, before I started using my smart phone to create my grocery list. I often wrote my grocery list on a piece of paper. None the less, I often forgot the grocery list leaving it at home when going to the grocery store. Even though I often forgot the grocery list. I was usually able to visualize the grocery list. By the mere fact that I wrote down the items I was also better able to recall the items on the list because writing them down helped to imprint them in my memory. I am partially a Kinesthetic learner. I find taking notes extremely helpful. I also learn better if I review my notes often.

We have to find the style that works best for us. Your learning style may not be that of your brother, sister, mother, or father and that’s okay. The human mind has interesting functions. We are all uniquely made. We must embrace our individuality.

Thanks for Reading,
I. Monae

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