Connecting Activities to Children’s Books

tall-stack-of-booksAs a long time educator, I love children’s books. There are great resources available to assist us in encouraging a love for literature in our children. One resource too many of us take for granted is the local library. I encourage regular visits to the library. I encourage my students to ask for books as gifts. My granddaughter’s mom asked for books as baby shower gifts. Let’s fill our children’s room with great literature also find ways to help the children fall in love with books.

At first we learn how to read following that we read to learn. I see it as my mission to instill a love for literature in order to make reading an enjoyable lifetime activity. This love should begin in childhood. As adults we can find creative ways to connect life experiences with books. If the books is about recipes create some of the recipes. Discuss what items are needed for the recipe then go grocery shopping as a part of the book experience. I remember one of my favorite books as a child was all about cookies. I enjoyed making the cookie recipes included in the book. To this day I still make the best peanut butter cookies. If the book is about boots have a mock boot fashion show. Whatever comes to mind. Feel free to email me at Parenttconference@gmail.com for ideas on how to connect books to enjoyable child friendly activities. Pinterest in a wonderful resource for this. I’ve seen many activities for classic children’s books such as “The Hungry Caterpillar” on http://www.pinterest.com.

What activities can you connect to a children’s book? The possibilities are endless. The children appreciate the activities moreover the quality time spent with you.

Thanks for Reading,
I. Monae

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