2 Educationally Awesome Websites

Helping your children at home just got easier. These two websites are great for in school and at home learning. One website is http://www.starfall.com which ultimately teaches your child to read then to become a better reader. http://www.starfall.com teaches letter recognition, phonics, and much more in a child friendly entertaining way. I recommend this website starting at age 3. There are some parents who have children who may be ready for this website before the age of three. Give it a try. I’ve taught school for seventeen years; believe me when I say this website is awesome. I recommend 15-25 minutes on http://www.starfall.com 3-5 days per week. While visiting my sister, I introduced my three-year- old niece to this website she absolutely loved it.

Another great website is http://www.abcya.com. I find this website to be teacher, parent, and child friendly also. In fact, I’ve recommended both of these websites to parents for a few years now. On http://www.abcya.com you may have to enter a lower grade level than your child is actually in and master those skills before moving on. In school one skill builds on another skill the child must master one skill before moving on to the next. Likewise, if your child is on a higher level and it is not challenging your child move to the next level. Don’t push your child to the next level to feed your own ego. Let the child enjoy learning. Parents often ask. How can I help my child at home? Well, requiring time on these websites as well as a regularly scheduled reading time of an actual book are great ways to reinforce the importance of education at home.

I look forward to sharing more tips in the future.

Thank to you Soon,

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